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What Brands Want From Influencers

Collaborations in the context of promotion are one of the multiple revenue streams a content creator can have. The more information you have on them and the process that brands follow to find you besides others, the more control you have over the contract.

Time to read: Approx. 30 minutes – 1 hour 

Effective until: (Estimated) late 2023 – 2024 

What is included

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Secure credit card payments

Secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payments by Stripe


  1. Why brands decide to collaborate with influencers
  2. What is their exact process before approaching you
    1. How brands Find Influencers
    2. How brands choose
    3. How brands do outreach
  3. Steps you should take before responding 
    1. Getting insights 
    2. Understanding their goals 
    3. Identifying how you can help 
  4. Closing the deal
    1. Pricing your services
  5. The Elements of the agreement document
  6. How to close better deals

Who Is this Guide For

This guide is for social media creators who want to leverage collaborations with companies as an extra source of income.

It analyzes the whole process from the perspective of a brand. How brands see creators, the criteria behind their decision to communicate with you, and what companies actually want.

The process you should follow starts with a minute of research with free tools, explained in detail.

Your agreement is dependent on two main factors: 

  • How you can help
  • Your price
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