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Our Process

Every step of the process for our consulting services is listed below. Before we make any moves, we make sure that your business goals and objectives are clear. We first gather intelligence, implement, optimize.

Initial Session

Before we start, we offer a virtual meeting with our consultants. Here, we try to understand your goals and see how we can help you with your project. We will try to point you in the right direction and make suggestions on possible strategies, that based on our experience fit your business model and goals.

The initial sessions are free of charge, to agree on how we can cooperate, and what the cost is.

Proposal - Agreement

After our initial sessions, we will create a proposal, listing our exact actions, our costs, and the outcome we commit to achieve.

We always strive to come up with innovative and cost-effective strategies.

Online Market Analysis

This is where the actual progress begins, and the reason behind every action in our strategy. In this step, we conduct research for the demand and the competition and gather the necessary information. After analyzing the information we gain intelligence. The most powerful asset that will allow us to make intelligent decisions.

Marketing Strategy

In this step, we will combine all the information we have on the market that surrounds your business, with all the existing options we have to achieve your goal. We strive to make sure that our strategy will the most efficient, and cost-effective combination.

Digital Marketing

After agreeing on the plan, we make it happen. We do it by designing and developing all the necessary components, that will host your brand’s message. We set up all the channels of communication, create your communications system, design the creatives, and write your copy. 

Everything we build will be your new and main source of feedback and information from consumers and your customers.

Business Intelligence

This is our last step in the loop of success. 

We’ve set every aspect of your communications system to be a living source of business-critical information. In this step, we analyze all the data we’ve gained, creating visual reports so you can easily understand your KPIs and take intelligent decisions for the future.

Contact Us

We are currently available to carry on new projects. Please, contact us to discuss how we can help and give you an estimate of our fees.

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